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Fast and without Fasting – TheTestingPro™ Launches Non-Fasting Mobile Health Screening, Providing Convenience and Flexibility

TheTestingPro™ Non-Fasting Mobile Health Screening lets you take charge of your health anytime and anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience in the comfort of your preferred location.

Most people are accustomed to doing their routine blood tests on an empty stomach, TheTestingPro™ Non-Fasting Mobile Health Screening puts an end to the dreaded overnight fasting that is typically required. Removing the need for fasting will mitigate the discomfort and potential adverse effects, such as low blood sugar and dehydration.

Several studies have shown fasting is unnecessary due to insignificant difference between fasting and non-fasting lipid levels. Those screening for diabetes are allowed to use a non-fasting test, known as hemoglobin A1c, that measures the amount of blood sugar attached to red blood cells.

The various Mobile Health Screening packages offered by TheTestingPro™ are designed to offer comprehensive screening for individuals to take proactive care of their health. Regular health check is important for early detection, and it is essential in preventing conditions developing into more serious ailments and chronic illnesses.